Monday, November 22, 2010


Bookivore is thankful for a mother and a mother-in-law who are bringing about half the feast to my house on Thursday so all I have to do is pie and turkey and rolls.

Bookivore is also thankful for a long, mild fall that allowed her to wear flip flops well into October.

Also, Bookivore is profoundly thankful for her three babies and their father. Mr. Bookivore is the keeper of my sanity most of the time.

Here are some Thanksgiving selections for your little ones (just in case you have a bucketload of spare time between now and Turkey Day).

Not strictly a Thanksgiving book, I'm Thankful Each Day is just a book about being thankful and finding things in our everyday lives to be thankful for.

Bookivore likes Alphabet books and seasonal alphabet books take advantage of a child's increased interest around the holidays to reinforce letter concepts. Check out P is for Pilgrim from your library.

For new readers, you can't beat Magic Tree House: Thanksgiving on Thursday. This is an early chapter book level on a par with Junie B. Jones. Nice story of Jack and Annie and the preparations for the first Thanksgiving.

Squanto's Journey -- after all he went through, it's hard to see why he'd want to help any Europeans do anything except jump off a cliff. But he did and this gorgeously illustrated book written by Joseph Bruchac, a Native American, tells the story. A picture book, but lots of text, so probably for older kids.

N.C. Wyeth's Pilgrims is similar to Squanto's Journey -- lots of text and beautiful artwork, this time by an American Master. Reading it is like taking a little art appreciation class.

Last, here's a pair of books from the If You...series, one about the Mayflower and the other about the first Thanksgiving. Great non-fiction for older kids, say 2nd - 5th grade. Tons of information, diagrams and detail. Excellent.

Happy Thanksgiving from Bookivore's house to yours!

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