Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Super Steals at the Scholastic Warehouse Sale

I have blogged before about my love affair with the Scholastic Warehouse Sale. If you live in an area that has a Scholastic warehouse, they put on a couple of these sales each year, sometimes more often. The deals you can find are tremendous -- good enough that if I were within an hour of a warehouse, I would make the trip. Ours is running right now and we had a great time there on Saturday, sifting through the shelves.

For my baby, I picked up this darling book:

It was $2.50. Pretty good deal for a nice paperback.

I got both of Suzanne Collins' Hunger Games books, in hardback, for $9 each. These are $18 books and I got them half off. Score!

My son chose this Pokemon book. Normally, I hate to pay money for this sort of thing, but since it was half off, I caved. Everything you ever wanted to know about Pokemon for $4. He was happy.

My son also chose a book called Real Life Monsters, which I can't find a picture of, but it's 48 pages of sharks, scorpions, jellyfish and spiders -- basically anything that can kill or maim you, or gross out your mom. It's packed with information and cost us $4.

My older daughter chose the boxed set of Dragon Princess books. Three paperbacks for $8. That's a deal. It also came with a dragon charm, which she was ga-ga over.

We also picked up the most recent 39 Clues book, Emperor's Code, for $6.50. That's half off the cover price, in case you're wondering. The next cheapest price I could find for this was $7.29 at Amazon before shipping.

A couple of reminders:
Paperbacks are of variable quality. Some are really cheaply bound. The ones that have staples along the spine usually fall apart pretty quickly. I would pass on those unless they're free. Trust me on this: you will be spending a lot of time trying to reattach pages with packing tape, which is both Not Very Fun and Not Very Effective.

Not everything is 50% off; some new releases are only 25% off, but the staff will usually provide you with a printed list of which books aren't half off, so you can pick and choose around them. They have a great selection of books to choose from and we never fail to get some bargains. You can also plan ahead: for instance, I know that Mockingjay, the third Hunger Games book, is coming out in August. I will check it out from the library so I don't die of suspense wondering what happens to everyone, but I will wait until the December Warehouse Sale to buy it.

Half off, naturally.

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