Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mama Gets A Mulligan

Before Christmas, I shared a post about buying devotionals for my kids. I had chosen one for my 3 year old that I thought was a little over her head, but possibly one she could grow into.

Turns out I was way wrong.

There's nothing wrong with this book, except that it's just too mature for her. We tried reading it a couple times, but there weren't enough pictures and the lessons, while excellent, just went in one ear and out the other. She'd get about two-thirds of the way through one and say, "How 'bout Pinkalicious, Mama?"


The book languished on her shelf for a few weeks, and then we decided to start doing dinnertime devotions again. I grabbed her book for lack of anything more family friendly, and that's what we started reading.

Well, it was a hit.

Turns out it is perfect for family devotions -- it hits our 6 and 8 year old just right, has thought- and discussion-provoking questions for them and a clear, biblical tie-in that makes sense to them as well. They love stories about animals and animal behavior, so that's a good fit, too.

And what about the 3 year old? She is so proud that we are using her book for devotions, she actually pays attention. I'd say most of it is still way over her head, but she listens with interest to her siblings' answers.

I would love to pat myself on the back here, but it's really kind of a fluke that it worked out this way. But, lesson learned: sometimes a book in one context doesn't work. In that case, try a different context.

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