Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Thanks, Dunderheads!

Dear Dunderheads,

Thanks for your silly story about the evil Miss Breakbone and her awful classroom tactics. Thanks for your cast of misfits, each with his or her own special talent. Thanks that those talents were somewhat off the wall -- spitballing, movie-watching, paperclip stringing, hypnosis. Thanks for your edgy, quirky illustrations by David Roberts that make the whole thing seem a little like a comic book. Thanks especially for the picture of the guard dogs being hypnotized. Loved that one.

Thanks for your reasonably big text so my 6 year old could make out your words. Thanks for including some excellent words for him to chew on: dunderheads, confiscate, maniac, briefcase, night vision. Thanks for holding his interest and inspiring him to read this one for himself.

Thanks for Miss Breakbone; part teacher, part prison matron. She makes me remember my classroom days with much fondness.

Thanks most of all for making my son laugh.



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